static cold May 2015

                                                         Aloneinstaticcold – Self- portrait May 2015

         My real name is L., I am a 37 years old expat living in London, into alternative cultures & music, tattoos, digital photography.

My username is a tribute to a band/song that is a great inspiration in all work I have produced, the Frozen Autumn, but at the same time reflects the influence of dark wave & cold wave music , my overall feeling of loneliness,  and the fact that my photography is mostly monochromatic and of static stone scuptures and subjects.

I’ve always been very keen to explore London’s best kept secret places and gems, spotting little details the common crowd won’t pay attention to, and what makes it my special place.

It is the only way I have found to communicate my emotions and express truly how I feel. It is also a catharsis and a cure for my depression.

I only just started this blog as a visual & personal diary of my current life, I am not sure it is meant to be seen, appreciated, or read.

I hope I can reveal and show how I see the City in my eyes, with a focus on lost memories and the past.

The photographs in the galleries were mostly taken in London (unless otherwise specified) between 1996 and present, please contact me for permission if you would like to use my photographs or for further info on exact location.






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