A love in disguise

So many words praising rejection

of suffocating bodies in lethal passion

I’ve been hitting my head against a closed door

Unable to love and adore

For so long I was an empty shell

Roaming through my 37 autumns of Hell

Cracked opened, severed, splintered

Pretending not to feel,

Just so I could heal

From the exquisite Pain

Of Loving Them all in Vain.

All feelings I wanted to forget,

And put my soul to rest,

All emotions annihilate,

No longer willing to suffocate.

And then I saw your soul through your sad eyes,

Screaming like love in disguise,

All my dreams murdered in silence,

One last kiss as only remembrance.

And the warmth on my lips,

Your hands on my hips,

Embracing this moment,

While we’d both know the torment

that together could not be more than this instant.

I shall swallow my pride, for I knew long ago I’d never be a bride

I knew we would have no choice but to forget Soon

This one and only kiss under the Blood Moon.


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