Mattress sadness – version 2.0

mattress sadness

As if I’d sink deeper into the mattress,

Suffocating in this loneliness,

This inner fire, burning desire, bursting into flames of nothingness,

makes me want to cut my flesh,

strangle and twist my neck with mesh.

All the lust you ignite, leaving me starving to bite

Your pale and beautiful skin

hoping to feel you from within.

One look into your deep dark eyes tells me I’ve known you long before

I even wished for more.

In sepia dreams and monochrome memories,

In a parallel analog world,

we danced and stared into the abyss we once created for ourselves.

Everything you are and were in a past life,

violently resurrects to my mind in a flash,

 as if you’d plunge the knife.

I am your witch at the stake, a drown Ophelia in a lake, a succubus in waiting,

I’d like to suck dry all your sorrows, may this dream last til the morrow.

And here I am,  standing in front of you, unable to mutter or reach out

You are all but a bitter cloud of dusk, the nightmare figure from a black out.


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